How to Fix a Short Circuit

  1. Identify the short circuit by observing if the circuit breaker trips when a specific appliance is plugged in or if it trips even without any appliance connected.
  2. Use a circuit tracer transmitter and receiver to locate the exact position of the shorted wire, even if it’s behind a wall.
  3. Turn off the primary breaker in your breaker panel after locating the damage.
  4. Remove the shorted wire from the breaker panel and outlet, using a flexible wire to aid in reinstallation.
  5. Inspect the damaged wire and replace it entirely if it has burn marks along its length. Consider using a higher-gauge wire if necessary.
  6. If the damage is due to a rodent bite, replace the damaged section and add additional protection.
  7. Cut off the damaged wire, strip a section of both ends, and cut a new wire of equal length.
  8. Connect the new wire to the existing cables using butt connectors and provide extra protection with heat shrink tubing.
  9. Reinstall the repaired wire by attaching the flexible wire to the breaker side and connecting it to the circuit breaker.
  10. Ensure everything is securely in place and turn on the primary circuit breaker.

Remember to exercise caution and, if unsure, consult a professional electrician to ensure proper repair and safety.